WWE releases Enzo Amore amid rape allegations

WWE released a statement earlier Tuesday announcing Enzo Amore has been released.

Pro Wrestling Sheet confirmed with Phoenix Police the other day that an investigation was open against Amore. It’s alleged Amore sexually assaulted a woman in a hotel room back in October of last year.

On Monday WWE suspended Amore indefinitely after the reports and stated “WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving sexual harassment or sexual assault. Until this matter is resolved, Eric Arndt (aka Enzo Amore) has been suspended.”



Battleground predictions

WWE Battleground comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sunday. It is the final PPV before a highly anticipated SummerSlam in August.

Let’s get to the predictions:

Jinder Mahal (W) vs. Randy Orton WWE Championship: The Punjabi Prison makes its return one more time and hopefully brings this feud to an end. The Singh Brothers did not exactly do the best job explaining how this match will work but we are used to that at this point. It’s time for both of these men to move on. The Modern Day Maharaja is giving 110 percent each week, but it’s just not good enough. While I think Mahal loses the belt at SummerSlam, it will not be to Orton. Mahal picks up with win thanks to help from the Bollywood Boyz.

A.J. Styles (W) vs. Kevin Owens United States Championship: I love what Owens is doing off air. He has blacked out his social media until he reclaims the Championship he believes is rightfully his. It’s great stuff. But I don’t see another title change so soon after Styles just won. The Phenomenal One also just started the “open challenge” so it seems silly to move on already, but who knows, considering I said the same once the “New Face of America” gimmick began and Owens dropped the title right away. Styles wins clean with a Phenomenal forearm.

John Cena (W) vs. Rusev: If we are building toward another WWE Championship for John Cena, he can’t lose here. Rusev can lose and still look strong considering this is a flag match and neither man will have to be pinned. Hopefully this match will unleash the Bulgarian Brute and force him to wreak havoc on the Smackdown roster. Cena wins and then gets a beating from Rusev.

The Usos (W) vs. New Day Smackdown Tag Team Championship: This has potential to be the show stealer. Both teams can work and have proven they have great chemistry in the ring and on the mic. The Usos are one of the hottest acts on the blue brand right now. I think New Day will be the team to win the straps from them, but it’s not the right time.

Lana (W) vs. Charlotte vs. Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Becky Lynch: It’s time to put the belt back on a heel and I think we are building toward a Lana championship run with the help of Tamina. They are already building the perfect heel story. Lana has lost several times to Naomi but it appears her and Tamina are starting to work together and I think she helps put Lana over this match and then will be the one to help the Ravishing Russian claim the gold at SummerSlam.

Shinsuke Nakamura (W) vs. Baron Corbin: Corbin is Mr. Money in the Bank. He does not need to win another match until he cashes in. Nakamura still has not been able to show what he can do. This is a great opportunity for him to embrace the strong style and take down a giant. I think Nakamura wins clean in a tough fought battle so he can then set his sights on Mahal or Styles for SummerSlam.

Mike Kanellis (W) vs. Sami Zayn: Kanellis just had his first match on Smackdown since debuting at Money in the Bank. He defeated Zayn thanks to his wife Maria. That’s what should happen again. Zayn loses matches. That’s what he does. And when you can add shenanigans thanks to Maria, it doesn’t hurt anyone. Kanellis needs this win so people can believe in the true power of love.



SD Live 7/11: Four Takeaways

John Cena makes a surprise appearance and no one cares about the WWE Championship.

Here are the major takeaways from Smackdown Live for July 11 in San Antonio, Texas:

  1. A.J. Styles is bringing back to United States Championship open challenge. His first challenger this week was non other than the originator of the open challenge – John Cena. But of course we didn’t get this match for free, it led to a tag team match with Styles and Cena teaming up to take on Kevin Owens and Rusev. It’s incredible that these four men are all in a story that has nothing to do with the WWE Championship. Styles made it clear in his opening promo that he wants the U.S. title to feel just as big as any other championship. Any if you’ve been watching Smackdown since the superstar shakeup, it’s clear that’s what creative is going for. It wants two top level titles. The open challenge will hopefully be fun and a nice way to get some other competitors in the ring with Styles but if we are going to continue with Kevin Owens as the “New Face of America” it seems like it will still be Styles and Owens going at it at least for the near future.
  2. Then it’s time to get the main event guys in the WWE Championship picture. Because it is getting extremely stale. Jinder Mahal defeated Tye Dillinger but I’m not sure what that proves. We have the WWE Champion fighting meaningless matches and cutting the same exact promo each week while all the top stars of Smackdown Live are off doing there own things. It’s time for Mahal and Orton to wrap up their feud at Battleground so everyone can move on.
  3. Speaking of top stars – Shinsuke Nakamura and Baron Corbin decided tonight was not going to be the night we saw the two collide for the first time in singles action. Which is good. I was curious to see how this would be booked, and I think they did a great job. Nakamura did not give Corbin a chance to even get in the ring before he attacked him on the ramp. Officials came out to break the two apart with Nakamura returning to the ring where he challenged the Lone Wolf to get in the ring. Corbin decided to back down and head backstage. It seems likely that we will get Nakamura versus Corbin at Battleground which will be a crucial match for Shinsuke who has not really had the chance to show off what he can do on the main roster.
  4. Tamina picked up another pinfall tonight in a tag match in which she teamed up with Natalya to take on Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Tamina has been booked strong and appears to have some sort of partnership building up with Lana. Despite the booking however, Tamina is falling flat with the live crowds. I’m not alone with saying I just do not care about her one bit and she has not given me a reason to care. She will be part of a number one contender match involving the other women on Smackdown at Battleground but I can only hope she helps Lana secure the victory.

Raw 7/10: Five Takeaways

Monday Night Raw came to us live from Houston, Texas on July 10. Here are the major takeaways:

  1. The fireworks didn’t stop after Great Balls of Fire. Samoa Joe and Bock Lesnar are set in delivering one of the best feuds of the year. The intensity Joe brings is unrivaled. But bring in Roman Reigns this week to claim he is next in line for a title shot. All thee men stood in the ring together and Reigns looked like the weakest link. Joe looks determined to take down the beast, while Roman appears to just be there because it’s “his yard”. Paul Heyman said Joe will not get another title shot, but Kurt Angle has set up a number contender match next week between Reigns and Joe. Right now, Joe has all the momentum and it’s his title shot to lose. I can’t imagine WWE wants to pull the plug on this rivalry between Lesnar and Joe with how successful it has been and people are drooling for more. I see Braun Strowman returning next week and getting involved in some manner, possibly setting up a triple threat number on contender match or a Fatal-4-way for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam.
  2. I was shocked that Big Cass beat Enzo Amore clean at Great Balls of Fire because it seemed like a match at SummerSlam in Brooklyn was a for sure money maker. But now, Cass has Big Show to deal with. The two giants had a good little exchange in the ring with Cass backing down as a heel should. It looks like we will get these two at SummerSlam where Cass should go over and launch him into program for his first singles title.
  3. The Hardy’s are about 90% broken. Matt and Jeff were given a mic and although it was quick, their short promo did not disappoint those hoping to see the broken personas arrive in WWE. Team Extreme lost to Gallows and Anderson, giving the Club a solid win to build upon, and then The Revival came out to attack the Hardy’s. A Revival versus Hardy’s match in Brooklyn is a dream. But with Enzo & Cass split up, and the Golden Truth split up, the Hardy’s are really the only baby face team on Raw right now, so I’m not sure what that means for The Club moving forward.
  4. The Miz and Dean Ambrose apparently still have not settled their feud. But now WWE is teasing a Seth Rollins and Ambrose rivalry or possible tag team/Shield reunion. Miz was attacked during his MIZ TV segment, and then he attacked Seth Rollins in the main event against Bray Wyatt. Dean eventually came to Rollins’ aid, likely setting up Rollins & Ambrose versus Miz and Wyatt. And that hopefully gets us one step closer to Wyatt and Miztourage member Bo Dallas teaming up. That won’t happen for awhile, but I can’t see WWE going forward with another Miz and Ambrose Intercontinental title match.
  5. Kurt Angle closed the show backstage on the phone where he told someone to come out with him next week when they will announce whatever Corey Graves has been teasing for weeks. Kurt is worried the announcement could ruin his career. His phone call ended with “I love you.” That makes things even more interesting. I think a Stephanie McMahon return is imminent next week and possibly Triple H also. Rumors are swirling that we could see The Game versus Kurt Angle at SummerSlam.

Great Balls of Fire predictions

For the first time, WWE presents Great Balls of Fire this Sunday from Dallas, Texas. The name of the event drew all kinds of criticism for great reason, but after weeks of build, this is shaping up to be a solid show. If it fails, at least the graphics package is pretty sweet.

Let’s get to the predictions:

Brock Lesnar (W) vs. Samoa Joe (L) Universal Championship: This match has the few of a true main event. The Beast and the Destroyer go face to face after weeks of intense exchanges on Monday Night Raw. While Joe has definitely proven he is Universal Championship material, this is not his moment. The past few weeks building this match has been his moment. For the casual wrestling fan, Samoa Joe has arrived and shown why is a true badass. Lesnar needs to make Joe look strong this match, but squeak by with a win. This program has been a success on all levels and WWE did exactly what it needed to do with Joe. Now he can be looked at as a legitimate threat once Roman Reigns claims the title.

Roman Reigns (W) vs. Braun Strowman (L): This one is tough to call, but at the same time seems obvious. The Big Dog has already claimed he is next in line for a title shot. Therefore, he should win this match to setup his next feud with Brock Lesnar. I don’t think a loss here for Strowman hurts him that much. He is coming off injury and he won’t be pinned in this match. These guys will leave it all out there and that will keep Strowman from losing any momentum.

The Miz (W) vs. Dean Ambrose (L) Intercontinental Championship: For what seems like the 100th match between these two in the past year, it’s time for them to move on from each other. The Miz is a great champion and makes the belt feel important. Plus, he has a new “Miztourage” to help him ringside. Ambrose should lose due to shenanigans and then begin feuding with Bo Dallas, one of the Miztourage members, so Bo can be built up before joining Bray Wyatt.

Alexa Bliss (W) vs. Sasha Banks (L) Raw Women’s Championship: It hurts me to admit, but it feels like Alexa Bliss has lost some of that momentum she brought with her to Raw. She was one of the most over superstars when she arrived on the red brand but her feud with Bayley seemed to slow her down, mainly because of the hugger and terrible creative storytelling. I don’t really feel the heat between Bliss and Banks yet. That’s why I think Bliss wins tonight with the help of Nia Jax before losing in a SummerSlam rematch.

Cesaro & Sheamus (W) vs. Team Extreme (L) Raw Tag Team Championship: This could be match of the night. An iron man match between these two should be brutal but I hate seeing a championship hot potato. Cesaro & Sheamus are one of the best teams in the business right now and need to hold that belt to prove it. The Hardy’s do not need the championship to get over. There are also those rumors that a deal with Anthem is close that would allow Matt and Jeff to use their “broken” gimmicks in WWE. That’s when the Hardy’s should get their next big push. But after tonight, how great would a feud between the Hardy’s and The Revival be for SummerSlam?

Seth Rollins (W) vs. Bray Wyatt (L): This seems like it’s a match because we have nothing else at the moment for these two. But with Seth on the cover of 2K18, I think he is the next major push this year. WWE does not have many truly over baby faces right now, but Rollins could be that guy. He needs to keep winning and this match is a great starting point to begin building his Wrestlemania resume. I think Bray can afford to lose again because I do see a future where he tags with Bo Dallas in the near future or takes down Miz for the IC title.

Enzo Amore (W) vs. Big Cass (L): Enzo gets the win here but only because he is going to get a beating like he’s never experienced. I think Cass beats him to a pulp and is DQ’d or counted out. this feud wraps up at SummerSlam with Cass going over and beginning his run toward the top of the card. Enzo has shown he is one of the best on the mic, and this is a big chance for him to prove he can also be competent as a singles performer in the ring.

Neville (W) vs. Akira Tozawa (L) Cruiserweight Championship: This is the first time since Neville won the purple strap that I could care less. If Aries, one of the few cruiserweights who was actually over with the crowd, could not defeat the king in three attempts, then there is no way Tozawa should be that guy to take down Neville. I like the whole “Titus Brand” thing that he’s got going for him, but Neville is one of the best both in the ring and on the mic right now.





A.J. Styles beat Kevin Owens Friday night at a Live Event at Madison Square Garden.

It’s a very rare move to have the belt change hands at a house show but it appears WWE did not want to wait until Battleground to make it happen.

What does this mean for the New Face of America? Hopefully a rematch at Battleground and then it’s time to go after that WWE Championship assuming Jinder Mahal loses it sometime soon.