Why Cena winning at Fastlane would make (some) sense

Let me start this by saying I completely understand the backlash WWE would receive from a large percentage of fans if John Cena won the WWE Championship Sunday at Fastlane. But let me explain why it could work.

I’m on the side that believes Cena will win his record breaking 17th championship. But for him to win this and not get booed out of the building – it needs to happen soon. As he slowly transitions into a part time superstar, fans will not be willing to accept a 17th title win later down the road.

So Cena wins Sunday. Now you have to choices here. Make the WrestleMania match with Shinsuke Nakamura a triple threat and add Styles to it. Or you move Styles to quick US title program to face Orton or Roode at Mania. The latter is the way to go.

Nakamura has not been built to be a serious WWE Champion powerhouse. And I worry that some fans would boo him if he beat Styles at Mania. But if he beat Cena for the Championship he would receive a major ovation.

Then Cena can disappear and do whatever he has next on his busy schedule and we slide Styles back into that WWE Championship picture with Nakamura for the next PPV or build it up for SummerSlam.

Yes, fans would be furious that WWE is taking away Styles versus Nakamura but that doesn’t mean we will never get that inside a WWE ring.

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