Rousey one month later: I’m in

Ronda Rousey “shocked” the world at Royal Rumble, showing up and sending a message to the entire WWE roster.

It’s now been just over one month since Rousey made her official debut. After a rocky start I was very skeptical. But I’m relieved to say this build to WrestleMania has turned me into a believer.

I was worried she would be booked as another heel but it appears she is being pushed as a mega face and it will only be a matter of time before fans are 100% behind her.

Each week she’s getting better with her promos. She sells her facial expressions better than anyone. All that’s left is her in ring work.

Rousey hit Stephanie McMahon with a Samoan Drop in the opening segment of Monday Night Raw this week. It looked a bit stiff but that’s just me finding things to nit-pick at.

It’s only been a few weeks and she’s gone from boos to cheers. Putting her up against Steph was brilliant and a great way to launch her WWE career.

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