Reigns fires the first shots

Roman Reigns set the table Monday for Wrestlemania 34’s main event that will pit Reigns against Universal Champion Brock Lesnar for the red strap.

The Big Dog cut a solo promo calling out Brock Lesnar for not showing up. He said it wasn’t scripted. I’m not here to debate that. But what I will say is I’m at least no longer 100% against this match.

In my opinion this was one of Reigns’ stronger promos. He did what he needed to do. Reigns is the guy who puts in the work each and every night while Lesnar shows up occasionally and is often viewed as a superstar just mailing it in.

Reigns also pointed out the picture going around of Lesnar and UFC’s Dana White. As much as I do not want to see this match, I am now more open than ever to see how these guys build toward it.

We will see how Lesnar responds in the weeks moving forward.

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