Elimination Chamber predictions

For the first time ever, seven men will step in the unforgiving Elimination Chamber this weekend. The stakes are high as the winner will go on to face Brock Lesnar in what will likely be the main event at WrestleMania.

Following a memorable gauntlet match on Monday Night Raw that included all seven competitors in Sunday’s match, the hype is real. Too bad this pay-per-view still feels very predictable. So let’s get into the predictions.

Asuka (W) vs. Nia Jax (L): If there’s any match that’s more of a lock than the men’s chamber it has to be this one. There’s no way Asuka takes a pin here. The Empress of Tomorrow has an incredible undefeated streak and this match is just a stepping stone for her toward her WrestleMania match. With that said, Nia has to look strong here. I think she is still in line to face Alexa Bliss at Mania so this will be an important test for her. If Asuka can lock in the Asuka Lock and make Nia pass out without tapping after a hard fought battle then both sides will look good.

Bray Wyatt (W) vs. Matt Hardy (L): This feud seems to be going nowhere anytime soon. At least a loss for Matt Hardy only feeds his current “woken” character and we are hopefully building toward a final deletion at WrestleMania. With Bray winning, I can see this feud wrapping up at Mania. A Hardy win Sunday and I’m not sure where we go unless it’s not a clean finish.

The Bar (W) vs. Titus Worldwide (L) Raw Tag Team Championship: The Bar just reclaimed the titles at the Rumble. And here’s no way anyone backstage is ready to put the strap on the Titus Brand. Plus, who is the baby face here? I understand Apollo is supposed to be but does he actually have any fan support? This is just a bridge until we get The Good Brothers or Revival in the mix.

Alexa Bliss (W) vs. Mickie James (L) vs. Sasha Banks (L) vs. Bayley (L) vs. Mandy Rose (L) vs. Sonya Deville (L) Raw Women’s Championship: It feels as if Bliss has had nothing to do for months. I’m surprised she’s even in this match. But as mentioned earlier, I still think we are building toward Nia Jax versus Alexa Bliss at Mania. I think Sasha is the only other woman who makes sense here but this could be a great spot to pull the trigger on a Bayley and Sasha feud for New Orleans. Another thing to watch here is the Mickie/Alexa dynamic. The two have had some moments lately that were clearly booked with a purpose.

Roman Reigns (W) vs. Finn Balor (L) vs. Braun Strowman (L) vs. Elias (L) vs. Seth Rollins (L) vs. John Cena (L) vs. The Miz (L) Number One Contender Match: Since the Raw after Mania last year we have been building toward Roman Reigns versus Brock Lesnar at WM 34. And it’s been clear that nothing, no matter what, will stop that from happening. Seth Rollins’ historic performance Monday set him up to be next in line for the Universal Championship after Roman wins. This match will be perfect for setting up other potential Mania matches like Cena versus Elias and Braun versus The Miz.

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