Raw 7/10: Five Takeaways

Monday Night Raw came to us live from Houston, Texas on July 10. Here are the major takeaways:

  1. The fireworks didn’t stop after Great Balls of Fire. Samoa Joe and Bock Lesnar are set in delivering one of the best feuds of the year. The intensity Joe brings is unrivaled. But bring in Roman Reigns this week to claim he is next in line for a title shot. All thee men stood in the ring together and Reigns looked like the weakest link. Joe looks determined to take down the beast, while Roman appears to just be there because it’s “his yard”. Paul Heyman said Joe will not get another title shot, but Kurt Angle has set up a number contender match next week between Reigns and Joe. Right now, Joe has all the momentum and it’s his title shot to lose. I can’t imagine WWE wants to pull the plug on this rivalry between Lesnar and Joe with how successful it has been and people are drooling for more. I see Braun Strowman returning next week and getting involved in some manner, possibly setting up a triple threat number on contender match or a Fatal-4-way for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam.
  2. I was shocked that Big Cass beat Enzo Amore clean at Great Balls of Fire because it seemed like a match at SummerSlam in Brooklyn was a for sure money maker. But now, Cass has Big Show to deal with. The two giants had a good little exchange in the ring with Cass backing down as a heel should. It looks like we will get these two at SummerSlam where Cass should go over and launch him into program for his first singles title.
  3. The Hardy’s are about 90% broken. Matt and Jeff were given a mic and although it was quick, their short promo did not disappoint those hoping to see the broken personas arrive in WWE. Team Extreme lost to Gallows and Anderson, giving the Club a solid win to build upon, and then The Revival came out to attack the Hardy’s. A Revival versus Hardy’s match in Brooklyn is a dream. But with Enzo & Cass split up, and the Golden Truth split up, the Hardy’s are really the only baby face team on Raw right now, so I’m not sure what that means for The Club moving forward.
  4. The Miz and Dean Ambrose apparently still have not settled their feud. But now WWE is teasing a Seth Rollins and Ambrose rivalry or possible tag team/Shield reunion. Miz was attacked during his MIZ TV segment, and then he attacked Seth Rollins in the main event against Bray Wyatt. Dean eventually came to Rollins’ aid, likely setting up Rollins & Ambrose versus Miz and Wyatt. And that hopefully gets us one step closer to Wyatt and Miztourage member Bo Dallas teaming up. That won’t happen for awhile, but I can’t see WWE going forward with another Miz and Ambrose Intercontinental title match.
  5. Kurt Angle closed the show backstage on the phone where he told someone to come out with him next week when they will announce whatever Corey Graves has been teasing for weeks. Kurt is worried the announcement could ruin his career. His phone call ended with “I love you.” That makes things even more interesting. I think a Stephanie McMahon return is imminent next week and possibly Triple H also. Rumors are swirling that we could see The Game versus Kurt Angle at SummerSlam.

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