Raw 7/03: Joe and Lesnar are for real

Seriously, every week since Samoa Joe became number one contender, he has hit his promos out of the ball park.

Again, Joe ramped up the intensity this Monday bringing the fight to Brock Lesnar. During a satellite interview, Joe stormed off to find Lesnar, only to be held back by security when he finally found the beast.

Let’s also give some credit here to Lesnar, who actually talked for himself and didn’t rely on Heyman to do all of his talking. It was exciting to watch, and made me even more invested in the match this weekend at Great Balls of Fire.

It’s clear the Lesnar truly cares and for this reason alone, this weekend should be fun. The WWE Universe misses the Universal belt on weekly episodes and it’s possible WWE changes up some plans to get that red strap back on Raw sooner rather than later.

When this match was first set up, I thought there was no chance Samoa Joe could walk away winner. While I still don’t think he does, there is definitely a chance.

Best of the Rest:

Enzo Amore also cut the promo of his life. After Big Cass turned on him, Enzo has been made this break up feel authentic. Not many guys have that skill on the mic. I’m still skeptical about his future as a solo star, but his mic work alone might be able to pull him along.

As for Cass, I think he has a bright future ahead. I can see him being one of Vince McMahon’s favorites, considering he is 7-foot-tall. Once these two wrap up this feud, I see Cass launching into a program involving the Intercontinental Championship.

Speaking of the IC title, The Miz continues to prove why he is one of the greatest champions of all time. He and Maryse killed it Monday in their all white gear. And what a pleasant surprise seeing Miz take on Heath Slater. It feels like he has been wrestling Dean Ambrose for more than a year now and any change at this point is good change.

And saving possibly the best for last. Braun Strowman made another statement Monday. But this week’s rampage not only boosted him as the monster among men, it also helped build Apollo Crews, or maybe more importantly, the Titus Brand.

While Crews became just another victim of Braun’s, he also gained some much-needed attention in this main event. Titus is the best thing to happen to Crews since he was called up to the main roster. It finally feels like he has a character. Combine that with a very talented wrestler, and Crews has some potential.

As for Strowman, who was speared off the entrance ramp and through a table by Roman Reigns to close out the show, the build to their Great Balls of Fire match this weekend has been intriguing. Both superstars have looked strong, but if Reigns is the next opponent for Lesnar, than he has to walk away winner Sunday, leaving Strowman in an odd situation.

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