MVP for week of 6/26: The Destroyer

Somoa Joe versus Brock Lesnar is one of my most anticipated matches so far this year. And I did NOT think that would be the case.

No matter who Lesnar was going to face, I just expected it to be the typical “Lesnar is going to conquer you” and then he shows up and wins.

Joe has completely changed my views. I didn’t think Lesnar had any chance of losing the Universal Championship until Wrestlemania 34 where he would be defeated by Roman Reigns.

Joe has turned me into a believer. For the pas couple weeks, he has proven why people call him a “badass”. His silent takedown of Paul Heyman sent a strong message. And this week, him choking out Lesnar on the entrance ramp was an incredibly powerful image.

This title match feels huge as all matches involving Lesnar should. But this time around, the match is unpredictable and that’s what is most exciting. (And the fact that Joe winning would mean the built is back on TV every week. That’s pretty exciting too.)

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