Raw 6/26: Wounding the Beast

Somoa Joe is turning me into a believer.

Another week, another fantastic segment involving Joe, Paul Heyman, and the Beast, Brock Lesnar.

Joe attacked Lesnar on the ramp as the champ made his way to the ring. He nearly locked in the coquina clutch. Lesnar struggled to break free and his faced looked more like a tomato by the end of the assault.

In just a few weeks, Joe has proven he is a legit threat and could cut Lesnar’s title reign short at Great Balls of Fire in less than two weeks.

When Joe earned the title shot, I think people were intrigued. But now people are invested in what has become one of the best feuds over the year. Week in and week out Joe is proving to be one of the biggest “bad asses” on the main roster and in all of professional wrestling.

Following Wrestlemania 33, it seemed obvious that Lesnar would not lose the Universal Championship until he squared off with Roman Reigns at WM 34. While I still think that’s the main event match, Joe has me wondering if the Reigns-Lesnar match is no longer for the title.

With Raw’s ratings hurting, it might be a wise move to get the Universal Title back on TV on a weekly basis.

Best of the Rest:

How great is this story building between Enzo and Big Cass? For the second straight week, Cass killed his promo. This newborn rivalry feels authentic. You can tell Enzo is truly heartbroken and doesn’t understand why Cass turned on him. The program these two are putting on makes me excited to tune in each week to see what will happen next.

Sasha Banks was able to conquer Nia Jax who tore through the entire Raw Women’s roster in the main event. Banks is the new number one contender and I couldn’t be more excited for Banks versus Alexa Bliss for the strap. It’s a big time money match and I will be shocked if those two women do not steal the show at Great Balls of Fire.

I’m not going to get into the Ball segment. It was memorable for all the wrong reasons. It challenges the Bayley, this is your life segment for worst segment of the year.

And lastly, I made a separate post about this, put just how awesome is it seeing these guys together:

The Balor Club has two new members.

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