SD Live: 5/30: Cashing in

Some rumors do become true. Shane McMahon and Smackdown Live made history Tuesday in Atlanta announcing the very first women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

What started as a five-pack elimination challenge quickly became an all out brawl before the first bell even rang.

Now, the woman will square off at Money in the Bank where either Charlotte, Carmella, Becky Lynch, Tamina or Natalya will be crowned the first Mrs. Money in the Bank.

It’s a decision many fans have been asking for but very few thought would ever be made. And the setup was perfect.

The five women all showed they can they can take some serious bumps during their brawl outside the ring. Nattie even went through the announce table. I can’t remember the last time a woman hit that spot. It’s great that these superstars will get a chance to shine and with Charlotte and Becky in the ring, this group should have no problem putting on a killer match.

The Best of the Rest:

It is more clear now then ever why Kevin Owens was moved to Smackdown. The show needed a true heel to carry it. Owens is doing exactly that. The opening segment with Shinsuke Nakamura and Baron Corbin could’ve went bad but Owens was there to carry the two through it. That’s not a knock on Corbin or Nakamura, I love all three of these stars, but that’s why Owens is here. So guys who still need some work on the mic can improve working alongside the new Face of America.

On a side note: Why are they giving Nakamura so much time on the mic? Just let him be the star he is. People will get behind him because of his work in the ring and his entrance.

In a very interesting booking decision, but also one that isn’t surprising – Dolph Ziggler went over on A.J. Styles clean. Everyone knows you don’t win in your hometown but Ziggler beating Styles clean on a random Smackdown was an intriguing decision.

Ziggler is the only superstar of the group competing in Money in the Bank ladder match who has won it. He keeps reminding us of that. But this win over Styles likely means he stands no chance winning that match.

The Fashion Files returned and continue to be excellent. Breezango is killing it right now, but with the return of New Day this week, their future is uncertain.

The New Day will be challenging The Usos now for the Tag Team Championships and I couldn’t be more excited for this feud. Both teams are gold on the mic and can put on awesome matches.

Randy Orton decided he finally cares a little bit. Orton cut a solid but predicting promo saying that winning is the only option for his rematch with Jinder Mahal. Orton had a bit of fire that we haven’t seen recently which is great, but there is no way he reclaims he championship because again – the rematch takes place in Orton’s hometown of St. Louis.

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