MVP for week of 5/22: Psycho Killer

What a week it was in the world of professional wrestling. But wow what a moment for Tommaso Ciampa. 

The Psycho Killer sent a message at the end of NXT Takeover after he and Johnny Gargano lost their Tag Team Championship rematch to the Authors of Pain. 

Ciampa brutally assaulted Johnny Wrestling following the match, and it was so perfect and yet so heartbreaking. 

The crowd chanted F You Ciampa. And he sold it so well. The look on Ciampa’s face as he continued to beat down Gargano made you feel so many feels.

We get a lot of heel turns but not many are as memorable as this one. DIY went from being way over with the crowd, to instantly split and fans couldn’t be more pissed at Ciampa for his bold actions. 

That’s what makes Ciampa the MVP this week. He and Gargano truly made the segment special. And it gives us a reason to stay invested in NXT to see what happens next between them. 

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