Why Ciampa? Why?

It was long rumored that DIY would split up and Tommaso Ciampa would be the one to turn heel. After the emotional rollercoaster that was NXT Takeover: Chicago, that is exactly what we got. And the morning after, it still stings.

DIY and Authors of Pain gave one hell of a performance as expected. And WWE made the right move by putting this ladder match for the Tag Team Championship on last.

After an instant classic that saw Authors of pain once again victorious, Ciampa did the dirty deed and unleashed a brutal assault on his partner Johnny Gargano.

Ciampa did it with a certain look on his face. It appeared as if he knew what he was doing was wrong, but it was something he had to do.

This segment was perfect. It was almost hard to watch because of how vicious the attack on Gargano was. The crowd even started chanting F*CK YOU CIAMPA! Everyone was into it, and this already sets up what will be blockbuster match between the former partners.

Ciampa has now cemented himself as the “Psycho Killer” that he is. Gargano had to be taken off on a stretched and will likely be out for some time. But at this time, it’s not clear if he is actually injured or if it is a work.

Assuming it is just a work, Gargano could be back in time for NXT’s Wrestlemania: NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. But I think that is too soon. Let Ciampa continue his path of destruction on the rest of the roster now that he is alone and ready to prove himself as a singles competitor.

A surprise comeback by Gargano sometime this fall is the sweet spot. Then allow that feud to build up and have Gargano take down Ciampa at Takeover: Houston during Survivor Series weekend.

But seriously, no matter how they book this feud going forward, it will be tough to mess up. These guys are awesome in the ring together and a one on one match will likely be a match of the year competitor.

I’d also like to see Ciampa take a run at the NXT Championship. If Hideo Itami or Roderick Strong are able to take the belt off Bobby Roode, they would be great competition for Ciampa.

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