U.K. Championship: Fight forever

Wow wow wow wow wow. What a match. I said it would be the match of the weekend, but I didn’t know it would be the match of the year.

Pete Dunne beat Tyler Bate Saturday at NXT Takeover: Chicago for the U.K. Championship. These guys put on a performance for the ages. I mean come on, the Chicago crowd was chanting U-K!

Bate, just 20-years-old, and Dunne, who is only a few years older, are already superstars and just might be two of the most talented men signed under the WWE umbrella. The little things these two do each match put them above the rest.

One moment Bate had Dunne curled up for the pin and was holding down his outside arm so he couldn’t lift it for a kick-out. It’s truly incredible that at just 20-years-old, he acts like a 20-year veteran in the ring.

These guys also told an incredible story during their 20 minute match. Dunne was clearly the favorite of the two with the crowd chanting Bruiserweight in the early going. But by the end of the match, Bate, the face, had the crowd going nuts. Still, when Dunne got the 3-count, there was a great pop and a well deserved standing ovation.

While I was upset Bate lost the title, it’s the right move for the U.K. division going forward. Most men on the roster are baby faces and Pete Dunne is an excellent heel who will now be chased by the rest of the roster.

Just give us the weekly U.K. shows already! Please!

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