Backlash match card and predictions

It’s round two of wrestling in Chicago following NXT Takeover. Sunday is Smackdown’s turn to take over the Windy City and it’s finally time for the long awaited in ring debut of Shinsuke Nakamura.

Besides the King of Strong Style, we also get the Face of America versus the Face of Smackdown Live and the controversial matchup between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal, so let’s dive in:

Shinsuke Nakamura (W) vs. Dolph Ziggler (L): If you haven’t seen a promotion for this match you must be living under a rock. They are everywhere and only feature Nakamura. Clearly Ziggler does not have a chance in this fight and he shouldn’t. If we are building up Nakamura to be this special talent, which he definitely is, then Ziggler should not last more than a few minutes. I’d like to see Nakamura take out Ziggler in under two minutes. It would be a holy shit moment for people who are still learning who Nakamura is.

Jinder Mahal (W) vs. Randy Orton (L) WWE Championship: It’s the most controversial match in some time. Many fans don’t understand the random push to the top that Mahal is getting. But since arriving on Smackdown, Mahal has made this match feel important unlike his rival who seems to not care at all. When this was first booked, I thought Jinder didn’t have a shot, but now I would love to see anyone take the belt off Orton. His title run has already become stale and it’s time for a change.

The Usos (W) vs. Breezango (L): WWE Tag Team Championship: Breezango are quickly getting the crowd’s support thanks to the Fashion Files they have been doing each week. The segments are excellent, and finally a reason to like Breezango. Tyler Breeze and Fandango are a very talented team, but I don’t think it’s time to take the belts off The Usos who have been white hot on the mic recently with some of the best promos this year. I think this match ends with some shenanigans leading to a rematch at the next PPV.

Kevin Owens (W) vs. A.J. Styles (L) United States Championship: Kevin Owens is the new Face of America and for that reason he should retain his U.S. title. Styles is ready for another WWE Championship run. Owens should pick up a dirty win, keeping Styles looking strong and allowing him to move on the WWE title.

The Welcoming Committee (W) vs. Charlotte, Naomi and Becky Lynch (L): It looked like Charlotte was going to get a run as a baby face but that may have changed. This is where Charlotte turns on Becky Lynch setting up a great feud between two of the four horsewomen. The Welcoming Committee has run its course and was only needed for the superstar shakeup. It’s time the women get their own programs again.

Baron Corbin (W) vs. Sami Zayn (L): While it’s nothing new, I don’t have any clue what the plans are for Sami Zayn. Baron Corbin will be a champion before Zayn. The Lone Wolf needs this win after losing a bit of momentum. I think he will be a WWE Champion before the end of the year.

Luke Harper (W) vs. Erick Rowan (L): Erick Rowan cut an awesomely creepy promo after Smackdown Tuesday and Talking Smack. But I think Luke Harper has the brighter future going forward. He has been putting on great matches since splitting up with the Wyatt family and could benefit big time by beating Rowan and ending this feud.



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