SD Live 5/16: The Phenomenal Jinder

Since the superstar shakeup there is one superstar who has risen to new heights that not one person saw coming.

Jinder Mahal has been building momentum since arriving on Smackdown Live. He quickly became number contender for the WWE Championship and on Tuesday he beat the Phenomenal A.J. Styles with some help from the Singh Brothers and the new Face of America, Kevin Owens.

With Owens getting involved, we get a final build toward his U.S. Championship title defense at Backlash against Styles.

But in the last couple of weeks, no one has been able to beat Mahal despite’s just a few months ago, Mahal couldn’t win a match.

He continues to find ways to win and he will have his work cut out for him at Backlash when he takes on the Viper Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.

Giving Mahal the clean win over Styles is still an odd decision. I would like to think that Styles is next in line for Orton’s Championship. Unless Orton loses at Backlash, which at this point, I am totally okay with.

Orton took on the Lone Wold Baron Corbin in the main event and it just looks like Orton doesn’t even care anymore. The belt can’t come off him soon enough. He should be being used now to get younger stars like Corbin over. Not burying them in a useless main event match.

The Best of the Rest: 

The Fashion Police have become one of the most entertaining parts of Tuesday nights. Breezango has great chemistry together and their match against the Usos this weekend at Backlash has been built great in my opinion.

The Usos have been excellent on the mic making them feel like badass champions despite not having much in-ring action of late. I can only hope this isn’t a one and done push for Breezango. The two are very talented and the crowd is starting to get behind them.

Erick Rowan cut one of the best promos of the month during a segment on Talking Smack. he was legitimately creepy and made me actually care about his match he demanded this Sunday against Luke Harper.

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