Raw 5/15: Heating up

Well, Extreme Rules is going to be fun.

The superstars of Raw are already building up for the next red branded PPV and thanks to General Manager Kurt Angle — we have a hell of a main event.

Angle kicked off raw to announce a Fatal 5-Way between Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, Somoa Joe and Bray Wyatt. The winner takes on Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

extreme rules

Clearly this wasn’t the original plan. I think we were going to get a showdown between Braun Strowman and the beast but due to the monster’s injury, WWE had to shake things up.

So this is what we are going to get and as a Finn Balor fan, I couldn’t be happier because I was not looking forward to a rivalry with Bray Wyatt.

This opening segment also helped set up a few matches main event matches for later in the night.

Balor took on Reigns on a singles match that did not disappoint. It was an excellent match by both men, but again, very upsetting to see Reigns pick up a clean victory even though he is still clearly injured.

Balor still looked strong. I believe he is the last wrestler to pin Reigns clean in a one on one match. And it appeared several times like he might pick up the win.

The final match of the night saw Wyatt and Rollins battle in what Michael Cole kept promoting as a first time match between these two.

Another solid outing from both men but Somoa Joe made sure we didn’t forget that he doesn’t like Seth.

I love how all five of these men are hungry for that red strap. If I were to pick a winner at Extreme Rules right now it would have to be Rollins. I think Reigns and Lesnar is the Wrestlemania 34 main event. I don’t think we are ready for Balor and Lesnar. And Joe and Wyatt are both heels so I’m not sure WWE wants to book that matchup.

The Best of the Rest:

Dean Ambrose retained his Intercontinental Championship thanks to the champions advantage. He got DQ’d after a low blow to The Miz. It’s an interesting decision to have the face lose in those circumstances.

I think Ambrose’s played it off just fine and this keeps the feud boiling until Extreme Rules at the least. But I would like to see someone else step into the picture while the other top guys are tied up in the Universal Title program.

Sasha Banks lost to Alicia Fox. let that one soak in. I think Fox is talented but this just felt out of nowhere. Either Fox is getting a push or Banks will return next week more pissed off then ever to take out everyone in her path.

In other women’s actions: the champion, Alexa Bliss, had a solid shot with a kendo stick at Bayley. Bliss appears to be the face of the women’s division going forward. She will take on Bayley at Extreme Rules in some odd stipulation match and should retain.

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