MVP for week of 5/15: Mahal rising

I try to be unbiased when I take a look back at the week of professional wrestling.

I do not like Jinder Mahal one bit. I don’t like that he is randomly getting a push when we have stars like Sami Zayn and Cesaro who seem like they will never get a main event title shot.

A few weeks back I thought Jinder Mahal was clearly the MVP. And once again, this week, I don’t see anyone who feels more important than Mahal.

He is one of the most talked about superstars right now for both good and bad reasons. But any publicity is good publicity right?

Mahal is about to wrestle in the biggest match of his career Sunday at Backlash. He will square off with Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.

When this was first decided, I thought it was ridiculous. In no world should Mahal beat Randy Orton. But after a couple weeks, Orton is quickly becoming more and more stale. It has gotten to the point where I just turn the channel when he is on.

It feels like Orton just does not want to be a part of the show anymore. So why does he still have the championship. Mahal is putting in a lot of hard work right now to make anyone give a damn about this title match. Meantime, Orton is just coasting week by week, collecting his paychecks.

Being that the title match is in Chicago, typically a hot crowd, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mahal got a pop for beating Orton.

Is he the right guy to win the championship? Many would say no. But at this point, I will be happy with anyone taking the strap off the Viper.

Mahal still has a lot of work to do. His in-ring work needs some polishing and I’m not convinced yet by his promos on the mic. But with some practice it will hopefully start to come together.



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