Raw 5/8: London Bridge is falling down

WWE took over London this week and that means ‘slow cooked’ taped shows.

Raw definitely felt slower than normal. But there were some highlights… mainly The Miz.

The “A” Lister was moved to Raw during the superstar shakeup and at first I was upset because I didn’t see it as a positive. But with Brock Lesnar away with the Universal Championship and the Intercontinental Title taking over, this is a chance for The Miz to shine — and he definitely is.

He and Dean Ambrose are putting together a solid story together. But there were some interesting things to note from Monday.

The Miz started off the night losing to Finn Balor. It wasn’t the cleanest victory but Balor did pin Miz in the center of the ring.

Ambrose squared off with Bray Wyatt in the main event. Let us take a moment to remember that Wyatt is in part the reason Balor is not number contender for the Intercontinental Championship. So you would think Balor would come out and attack Wyatt, allowing Ambrose to pick up the victory. No, that didn’t happen. Instead, The Miz, who was on commentary, got involved and set up a Bray Wyatt win.

0510 miz.png

So… Miz, the number one contender, and Dean Ambrose, the champ, both lost on Monday to the two men who are currently in a feud.

Does Balor not care that Wyatt cost him the match last week for a shot at the title? Or are there new plans? Rumor has it, Balor might be the one to take on Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire for the Universal Championship.

The Best of the Rest:

Playing off that rumor, it does appear Braun Strowman, Lesnar’s original rumored opponent, will be out with an injury.

It’s disappointing as Strowman was a main reason to watch on Monday nights. He was a wrecking machine, and it was exciting to see what he would do next.

One-armed Strowman took on Kalisto in a rematch after he lost in that dumpster match but Roman Reigns didn’t wait long to interfere.

0510 reigns strowman.png

Reigns is also injured at the moment. With him and Strowman both out, it means new opportunities for other superstars.

Speaking of fresh opportunities… how about The Golden Truth? It was nice to see them placed in a program that actually meant something. While it was obvious they would not beat Cesaro and Sheamus to become number one contenders for the Tag Team Championship, it was a nice story they told.

It might be time to split up Goldust and R-Truth. With The Hardy’s, The Revival, The Club and Cesaro and Sheamus, The Golden Truth is hard to take serious right now. But then again, there isn’t much room for them on the rosters as singles competitors either.

One last quick note: I’m a big TJP fan. I know I’m very much in the minority but I really do love his in ring work. He is very smooth and technically sound. Since arriving in the Cruiserweight Division, fans haven’t gravitated to him. It seems like the recent heel turn was the right move because people are finally starting to take notice.

He is a bright young star and I would argue once Austin Aries beats Neville for the purple belt, TJP should be next in line for that title.


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