#WWEUKLIVE: This is awesome

This weekend the WWE superstars traveled overseas for a series of Live shows highlighted by #WWEUKLIVE.

The shows took place in… you guessed it, the UK, and featured many of the stars we grew to love during the United Kingdom Championship Tournament last summer.

Since the shows were not available to watch anywhere, I casually followed along on twitter. But by Saturday night, I realized this was something that needed to be on the network.

I could feel the excitement from my own couch reading through a social media timeline.

Well, WWE answered, sort of. The shows won’t be live, but we will get the chance to watch what we missed.

WWE has said the goal of the UK championship was to build a show around it that would be taped in the UK. This is a big step in the right direction.

I’m thrilled to get the chance to see what all the buzz is about. The tournament last summer was a huge success and a blast to watch live. UK crowds have the potential to make every single match exciting.

While this past weekend was just a series of live shows, the WWE took it very seriously, as we saw a number one contender match for the UK title.

With Pete Dunne winning the match and launching himself into a title shot at NXT Takeover Chicago, it’s a huge opportunity to self promote for WWE. The announce team will be able to build up the match with highlights from these shows, and generate some interest in the work that’s being done overseas.

And let’s admit, Dunne versus Tyler Bate in Chicago has potential to be a show stealer, possibly for the entire weekend. Also, both these guys are very young meaning the future  is bright for WWE and its run in the UK.


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