SD Live 5/2: Champ of America

On Tuesday, the new Face of America reclaimed what is rightfully his. Kevin Owens defeated Chris Jericho for the United States Championship in brutal fashion.

Owens beat down Jericho after the match forcing medical staff to help Jericho up and out of the building. It had been known for some time that Jericho would be taking time off to tour with his band and this attack at the hands of Kevin Owens sets that up.

Owens is positioned as the top heel on Smackdown Live and it appears his feud with Jericho is over for now.

Now we can look forward to Owens versus AJ Styles at Backlash for the U.S. title. These two will help rebuild that championship and make it credible again. The Styles, Owens feud feels way bigger than Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. I think it’s brilliant booking by Smackdown. This helps Mahal instantly become a force, and makes the U.S. Championship a title worth wrestling for.

The Best of the Rest:

Charlotte is turning baby face and has potential to be one of the top faces in the company. She is already arguably one of the best women to ever step in a WWE ring. Her mic work has been solid, and now it’s her turn to start selling merchandise.

0507 charlotte.png

It’s a big money move by WWE. But before she can win the title — Naomi will have to drop it. As much as I’d love to see Becky Lynch versus Charlotte for the strap, I don’t think it’s time for a Becky heel turn just yet. Maybe it’s time for Natalya to become champ?

Sin Cara put on an excellent match with Dolph Ziggler. Take that for what it’s worth.

Aiden English is getting an opportunity to build as a singles competitor now that his former tag partner is gone. He cut an interesting promo, but was squashed by Tye Dillinger.

The Fashion Police are possibly the best and worst part about Smackdown Live right now. I love Tyler Breeze and Fandango together, but I wish they weren’t forced into this comedy gimmick. However, let’s be clear — I am starting to like the gimmick.

0507 breeze fandango.png

I just wish they could work as a normal team. The “Fashion Files” segment was awesome in my opinion. I’ve gone back and watched it a couple times now and it’s still just as funny. I never pictured them as a baby face team, but it looks like that’s how they will be booked moving forward now that they have a championship match against the Uso’s (Or Uggo’s?) at Backlash. I wish they had a little more time to build because I would love to see them win those straps. I just think it’s a little to quick. The Uso’s have barely had a run with the titles since winning them.



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