Payback match card and predictions

WWE’s first PPV since Wrestlemania is Sunday in sunny San Jose, California. But maybe someone should have reminded WWE that there is a PPV this weekend, because the build has been terrible. It feels like a show we just have to get through so everyone can move on with the new rosters and storylines.

But there are a few matches worth looking forward to Sunday.

Braun Strowman (W) vs. Roman Reigns (L): This match has the most intrigue and has actually had a decent build going into Sunday. Reigns has not been on television since being destroyed by Strowman a few weeks ago.

If Reigns versus Brock Lesnar is the plan for Wrestlemania 34 and Strowman versus Lesnar is the plan for Summer Slam, then it would not be surprising if there were some shenanigans here to keep both guys strong.

Strowman currently has all the momentum in the world and is getting a great push as a top heel. If Reigns is able to sell his injury here, I think Strowman takes advantage and walks away with the win so he can take aim at Lesnar and that red strap.

Kevin Owens (W) vs. Chris Jericho (L) U.S. Championship: This feud goes back months and this Sunday it should finally come to an end.

0429 Jericho Owens

These two have been among the best workers each week since becoming “best friends.” But with Owens being sent off to Smackdown, one of the best programs must come to an end.

I’m still not clear on the stipulations of this match. If Jericho wins, he goes to Smackdown, but if Owens wins, I’m only 90% sure he stays on Smackdown.

This shouldn’t matter though. I can’t see a world where Owens loses. He has a new “Face of America” gimmick and appears to be the next top heel who will help AJ Styles carry the blue brand.

There is also rumors floating around that Jericho will soon be taking some time off television here shortly to go back on tour with his band.

Bayley (W) vs. Alexa Bliss (L): Based on what we all know about WWE booking — Bayley should lose this match because it is in her hometown.

0429 Bayley Bliss

The Five Feet of Fury has definitely already made her presence known in a very short time since being moved to Raw and she could become the first women to win both the Smackdown Women’s Championship and Raw, but it is too early to turn the belt over.

I don’t imagine this match ends clean. Perhaps we get a Sasha Banks run-in and possible heel turn, taking out Bayley resulting in a DQ for Bliss?

Whatever the case, I think Bliss is the future of Raw’s women’s division. She does not need to win the belt so soon.

Hardy Boys (W) versus Sheamus and Cesaro (L) Raw Tag Team Championship: It seems too obvious — the Hardy’s will lose the straps at some point, forcing Matt and Jeff to become BROKEN.

It seems WWE is close to reaching a deal with TNA for the BROKEN gimmick, but the two sides just aren’t there yet.

The Hardy’s definitely do not need the championships. It really adds nothing other than Matt completing his expedition for gold.

I just feel like we have a couple more weeks until we get to witness the BROKEN brilliance of Matt and Jeff Hardy. A win for team extreme will also open the doors for Cesaro and Sheamus to attack after the match, turning them heel.

Somoa Joe (W) vs. Seth Rollins (L): Joe doesn’t need this match, but a loss is for a sure a setback.

Since arriving in WWE from NXT — Joe has lived up to his nickname: The Destroyer. He has been booked as a badass who can’t be beaten.

Many of his matches or segments have ended with the coquina clutch. It’s the same move that sidelined Seth Rollins leading up to Wrestlemania.

I see this match ending with that submission leaving Rollins unconscious. That way you protect both men.

Bray Wyatt (W) versus Randy Orton (L): What the hell is this “House of Horrors” match?

I don’t think WWE has that answer. This booking has been scrambled at best. It’s not even for the title. What is the point?

This is the result of a random shakeup that not everyone was prepared for. 

Anyways, Wyatt has to pick up the win here or else why should we care about him at all on the Raw roster without any of his Wyatt family members?

Neville (W) versus Austin Aries (L): I don’t think Neville is losing the belt anytime soon.

Aries is the man who could pull it off, but since returning, Neville has been one of the most dominant competitors in the ring.

His work as a heel has been excellent and it gives people a reason to tune into 205 Live.

Enzo & Cass (W) versus The Good Brothers (L): The realest guys in the room have been on a slump. I predicted them winning the titles at mania, but then the Hardy’s showed up.

Enzo and Cass continue to get big time pops from the crowd, but the two can’t seem to win anymore.

Anderson and Gallows are coming off a title run and in a transition period right now. It would be a solid win for Enzo and Cass, who can then start to build for a title run against future champs Cesaro and Sheamus.

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