Raw 4/24: Take out the trash

Another week, another path of destruction is paved by the Monster among men.

Braun Strowman was challenged by Kalisto Monday to a dumpster match following last week’s episode where Strowman tossed Kalisto in the trash while exiting the building.

The booking here was interesting. Kalisto got a good amount of offense, but wasn’t really able to take down the monster. However, he did pull of the surprise upset, catching Strowman off guard and kicking him into the dumpster for the win (Even though Braun was barely inside it).

0425 Bruan dumpster.png

Following the match — Strowman went on an all out assault, tossing Kalisto around like a rag doll. It looked like something out of an Incredible Hulk movie. The attack was capped off with Kalisto being locked into the dumpster and pushed (3 feet) off a stage.

My take: While Strowman lost the match, he definitely did not lose any of his kick-ass momentum. He made it clear Monday if you tick him off, he will punish you, and that’s exactly what he did to Kalisto. I don’t think this loss hurts his build at all. He looks just as destructive as he did the last couple weeks.

During the show, we got multiple promos teasing ahead to Payback on Sunday when Braun will square off with the Big Dog Roman Reigns. I think that match will not end clean so Strowman can stay on this warpath until a likely match with Brock Lesnar.

The Best of the Rest:

Alexa Bliss is amazing. The two-time Smackdown Women’s Champion has been excellent since moving to Raw. Her promo with Bayley proved how natural she is on the mic, absolutely murdering the “what chant,” while Bayley is very scripted and has yet to evolve her character.

0429 Bayley Bliss.png

Bliss also had a great swerve during her match with Sasha Banks. Leaving and taking the loss by count out because she didn’t want to waste her time when she has a title match coming up. Great stuff as usual from Bliss. One of the only issues: she is getting way over with the crowd and getting more cheers then boos at times.

Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho and The Miz had a fun but long opening segment. Each got a chance to host their own talk show and Ambrose even had a surprise gift for Jericho after he destroyed his $15,000 jacket last year.

0425 Jericho Jacket.png

The promo had its moments and ultimately set up the main event — a tag team match with Jericho and Ambrose tagging together against Miz and an opponent of his choice.

While a lot of hype was built on a new debut…. cough Mike Bennett.. cough.. we eventually got Bray Wyatt to enter the match casually late as Bray Wyatt does. And as you’d expect, he took out everyone, but it feels like we are getting another Wyatt-Ambrose feud following Payback for the Intercontinental Title.


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