U.S. Title: WWE’s next big push?

Tuesday’s episode of Smackdown Live started with a bang. United States Champion Kevin Owens and rival Sami Zayn made their entrances, declaring themselves the newest addition to the blue brand’s roster.

The U.S. Title then quickly became the star of the show. It was later announced the main event would feature The Phenomenal AJ Styles, The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn in a triple threat number one contender match to see who gets a shot at Owens’ title.

All four superstars involved in this program could easily be slid into the current WWE World Title picture. But they aren’t. Instead, former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt who was moved to Raw, will take on the defending champion Randy Orton later this month in a Wrestlemania rematch. After that, who knows what happens? If Wyatt wins, we have the two top championship belts on Raw. If Orton wins, who is his next opponent on Smackdown while four of the top guys are feuding for the U.S. Title (I don’t think Nakamura is going to get that push just yet)?

It’s possible Orton, like Universal Champ Brock Lesnar, takes some time off. That would mean the U.S. and Intercontinental Titles reign supreme for the next few weeks or months. In my opinion, I don’t think anything Changes for the red brand considering part time champions are nothing new. But to me, something feels different with the blue brand.

With the longest reigning Universal Champion, Kevin Owens, now set to defend his United States Championship against former WWE Champion AJ Styles, this has the makings to be a top storyline moving forward. Also, I believe both superstars are still owed Championship rematches, so having them both compete for the U.S. Title for now allows that story angle to linger.

Giving the United States Title a push is a great idea for Smackdown. With Owens and Styles going at it, a program down the line with Corbin, Nakamura or Tye Dillinger will mean that much more when they go over.

As for Orton and his WWE Championship, it’s unclear what the plan is, but I would like to see the Viper take some time off, allowing the U.S. strap to be the star of the show for a few weeks.

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