Charlotte to SD Live? Yes, please

Round one of the “Superstar Shakeup” is complete follow Monday Night Raw. There were definitely some shocking moves but now it appears Smackdown is at a huge disadvantage.

Smackdown is losing two-time Women’s Champ, Alexa Bliss. It also loses former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt and The Miz among others. After Monday, stacking the shows side by side reveals just how lopsided it really is.

There will likely be some big names coming over to the blue brand on Tuesday, but it may be tough to find a bigger name than the Queen.

A rare Monday night absence from the ring with Sasha and Bailey would seem to indicate the former Women’s Champion is destined for Smackdown Live and I think it’s a huge win for everyone.

Charlotte is one of the biggest stars in WWE today. She is already a four time Raw Women’s Champion. She draws, and knows how to get a reaction from the crowd. On top of all that, she ranks among the most skilled women’s wrestlers to ever step inside the squared circle.

While her feud with Sasha Banks over the past year or so has been one of the best storylines in professional wrestling, it grew stale and she needed fresh competition.

Moving Charlotte off Raw will not only let the red brand women grow into superstars on their own, it will add star power to the Smackdown roster.

The blue brand’s Women’s Division has been solid since draft day, and some may argue it was more well-rounded than Raw. But aside from Nikki Bella, there isn’t a true star on that show just yet (No, Becky Lynch is not a superstar… yet).

Giving women like Naomi and Carmella the chance to wrestle Charlotte on a weekly basis will not only allow Charlotte to prove her dominance, but it will help them improve their in ring performance as well.

One last note: If rumors are true, Asuka will be on Smackdown sooner rather than later. If that’s the case, we have a potential Wrestlemania match already in the books.

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